We Can Wipe Out the Kidney Transplant Waiting List

Nearly 100,000 desperate patients are waiting for a life-saving kidney.

The supply of altruistic organs will never meet demand. Living organ donors can save their lives.

Test incentives now.

Superpowers Are Just a Transplant Away

We have the knowledge and capacity to transform and renew the lives of nearly 100,000 dialysis patients.

Incentives work. Always.

Transplant Games Showcase Lives Saved

The National Kidney Foundation dropped the Games, but the transplant athletes wouldn't let the Games die.

The Transplant Games return bigger than ever July 11-15 in Houston, TX.

I Heart Kidney Transplants

The current transplant system is an inarguable failure for nearly 100,000 patients waiting for a life-saving kidney.

We know that living organ donations will save their lives. And we know how to attract more. But we won't.

Test incentives now.

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In Transplant News

  • 2016 Transplant Games Coming to Cleveland

    The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission announced that the 2016 Donate Life Transplant Games will be held in Cleveland July 22-26 2016. As a 20+ year resident of Cleveland, I can attest to the quality of facilities and the commitment of the city to the event. Let the training begin.

  • Organ Failure Fetish?

    The New York Times published what may be the most disturbing article I’ve read relating to kidney transplantation. In My Illness, the Third Partner In Our Relationship, author Eric Trump details the unsettling details of his affair with his married professor – that ended when he regained his health after his kidney transplant.

  • Transplant Surgeon Chris Berry at TEDxFlourCity

    tedx-logo19 people die every day due to the lack of available life-saving organs. Dr. Chris Berry makes a powerful plea in this TEDx presentation to encourage organ donation.

    What’s missing? Any discussion of how we can encourage living organ donation. It’s the only way we have to eliminate the transplant waiting list.

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